Parish Council Documents

On this page you can view all the Parish Council documents since 2015/16. Simply select the area of interest below for relevant information. 


Meetings for 2020/21are on the following dates: 11th May, 6th July, 23rd September, , 2nd November, 4th January 2021 and 8th March 2021.



The documents in this section include the current year’s agendas and associated papers.  So if there is a reference to an agenda paper it will be found here.  Each meeting has a paper summarising the planning decisions made between meetings, correspondence sent to the Clerk and all financial transactions made.



The documents in this section include the minutes of the meeting which have been signed by the Chairman and approved in a meeting.  It is possible to associate approval of a payment with a minute number.



The documents in this section include a summary of the financial statement presented at each meeting, the approved budget, the annual risk assessment, the asset register, the external auditors papers together with the internal auditor’s report.

Also included are the Council's standing orders and financial regulations.



The current status of all planning applications within the Parish and a link to Derbyshire Dales Planning Portal.


Wind Farm

The documents in this section include the legal agreement with the wind farm all applications received, the agreement for approved schemes.  A summary of these is also included.



Download maps of Carsington & Hopton property locations.


Privacy Policy

View our privacy policy.


Web Site Accessibility

View our web site accessibility policy.



The Parish Council has a number of documents which explain its working practises. It is a legal requirement to have these documents and they are reviewed annually at a public meeting.


Next Parish Council Meeting

Carsington spAceSt Margaret's Church or Zoom depending on Coronavirus situation


The next meeting is scheduled for:

  • 8 March 2021

These are public meetings, and all This is are welcome to attend.

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